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Frequently asked questions

Why ajaa! Products?

Because they aresimply creative, beautifuland practicalat the same time! Moreover, our products echt sustainable and completely non-hazardous Alternative to traditional petroleum plastic products pose!

How to get the ajaa! Products are your colors?

We use only natural mineral colors, our products bright color effect gives.


Where do the raw materials and additional agricultural land will be blocked for this, "" that could otherwise be used for growing food used for?

  • The sugar cane for our products comes from Brazil. It is the sugar cane juice, which is a waste material from sugar production. It is, therefore, needed no further agricultural land for this and no additional tree for like!
  • The minerals are mainly limestone (various talc and chalk types) that originate from Europe.

What is the ajaa power! Products, unlike many other plastic alternatives?

  • You are 100% free of hazardous substances such as BPA (plasticizers), melamine, or formaldehyde.
  • In contrast to other products, plastic alternatives, such as bamboo, are in need of our products, no melamine resin, formaldehyde resins, or Polyactat, in order to achieve the desired stability and resistant Form. There is no health contain hazardous substances and therefore anything goes, even at high temperatures in food.

What is the meaning of really sustainable in the ajaa! Products?

  • Our products are made from renewable raw materials. This means that the sugar-cane grows as a raw material for our high-quality Biopolymer within a year!
  • They are vegan and have a positive CO2 footprint. This results in that the sugar cane converted as a raw material in the growth of CO2 and store it. The CO2 emissions from the production and Transport incurred, we have the same with the help of climatepartner complete.
  • Our products can be 100% recycled to be. No raw material loss, if our products will find their way back to us. Cradle to Cradle“ by ajaa!.
  • Our packaging materials are sustainable: As little packaging as possible and use only sustainable, certified, and most of recycled paper or cardboard.
  • Our shipping bag to the trade as a bio-waste bag re-used.

How can the ajaa! Products are sustainably disposed of?

  • Our products can be disposed of via the household waste – residual waste or the yellow bin. The disposal options differ in the different regions. Therefore, it is useful to inform the responsible about the optimal ways of recycling.
  • Alternatively, the products can be sent back to us and we lead them back into the production cycle again.

The ajaa are! Products biodegradable?

  • Our products are aligned reusable products and durability, our Material is so thick and durable.
  • The Material for our dishes and the spoon is biodegradable, unfortunately, it would take even the German industrial composting plants until it is decomposed.

The ajaa are! Products just as convenient as conventional petroleum plastic products?

  • Our products are natural, tested, food-safe and dishwasher-safe and the relevant products (storage jars, bread boxes) is freeze-safe.
  • A durable microwave oven suitability, however, was not tested so far - primarily because the impact of radiation on health and the environment is still controversial.
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