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Sustainable dishes from ajaa!

Environmentally friendly and sustainable tableware that is also unbreakable? That's what you get here from ajaa!, made only from renewable raw materials. Our ajaa! products are made from 100% sugar cane juice and minerals. No plasticizers, no other additives. Unlike conventional plastic, which is produced from petroleum, our tableware made from bioplastics is completely free of harmful substances.

Bowls, cups and plates: unbreakable and sustainable

With ajaa! tableware you have a choice between bowls, cups and plates, all made of the same environmentally friendly material. The sustainable tableware is completely unbreakable due to its materials and is therefore ideal as children's tableware. In addition, it is still lightweight and can be transported quite easily, unlike porcelain or glass. So it is also perfect as picnic or camping tableware.

Our ajaa! tableware offers you a selection of great, bold colors in modern designs: the entire selection is available in lime, pink and blue. So not only is the dinnerware sustainable, it's also the perfect complement to modern kitchen décor. Give your kitchen a few colorful accents with our bright colors - so the tableware becomes an eye-catcher in every kitchen!

Our cups are about 7 cm high and hold a volume of 200ml. Due to the handy size, the ajaa! cups can therefore be easily stored and are suitable for the whole family. Refreshing drinks for the small and the big thirst fit into the cups. And in contrast to drinking cups made of glass, they can be knocked over or dropped on the floor: Our material can handle it and will not break.

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