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Raphael fancies

Raphael:  Founder, storekeeper and product developer

How the business idea originated and the successful history:

Raphael Stäbler has studied economic engineering in ford cheeks and in this time of his study he got to know quite a special material: Sugarcane, an alternative to oil-based plastic.
Raphael a responsible life-style is important and he found out that there was no alternative to the household articles tin from plastic in the market. He was fascinated, did research and developed with study colleagues and professors.
In 2012 he founded his enterprise, „4e solution Ltd“ with headquarter in Filderstadt. A year later the first budgetary goods tin from sugarcane came on the market, „ajaa! Natural boxing“ – for keeping of food from growing again raw materials and freely of pollutant.
Since then other products continuously follow, like the bread tin, the dishes and the baby spoons.
Media attention and honourings:
Meanwhile the invention and the enterprise has received much media attention in TV and press: SWR, RTL, Stuttgart newspaper, lift magazine etc.
The products spare the environment and for it has ajaa! several famous honourings receive:   The natural boxing experts (trading company for natural products) and the ÖMA on cheese suitability were tested by avenue V Verte and wins eathealty Award in the category Packaging.
ajaa! Bread box became in the ecological test in 2018 with "very well" gbewertet and received "Best New Product Award" on the biofield 2016. ajaa! Dishes in 2018 "Best New Product Award".



1. Why have you founded the enterprise? What is the idea?

My vision is: to make the world so freely of plastic as possible. This one vision is clear, however, with ajaa! if we have an alternative in the budgetary goods area the „Of course fun makes“.
I am a dad of three miraculous children and to me is important umwelt-and life-style conscious of health. Parents place with her children especially big value of a healthy one Foodand to use little plastic to it, in the everyday life. Besides, they pay attention not only to what they eat, from which. Indeed, there were no sensible products in Market. Soif I put a lot of engagement in the research project and development work. Clear, we also had to pocket many setbacks in the product development, until we could produce the products breakproof, washer-firmly and as high grade as today. 


2. For what the brand ajaa stands for you!?

„ajaa! if makes Of course fun“ is our claim, for it we stand with our whole engagement. We have not only products suited for everyday life for families, but bring with the happy colours also joy in the family everyday life. Healthy and with lasting effect must not be dull, we show this with our design and our products.
We are just in a market which searches alternatives and this we offer with our products. It is important to us that every product is to 100% of maggot in Germany.
This indicates to keep to strict environmental editions in the production process and a constantly high product quality, they the customers from ajaa! very much estimate.

3. How you describe the Spirit with ajaa! – what is the special?

We are a Start-up, have level hierarchy and an open communication – everybody with us in the team is asked with his opinion and introduces itself with his potential. I am really proud of my team, without them the growth which we just find out would not be possibly. Meanwhile we have made to ourselves a name, not only in the bio-specialised trade, but also in the final hypermarket. Our products are available not only in Germany, but also in parts of Europe. We get inquiries from European countries constant. 
We are constantly developing new products. What we are working on at the moment is not yet revealed.
Together we plan expansion and development, our new offices are currently being built. I definitely want to stay at the Filderstadt location, where I grew up and rooted.
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